Leather Sole Vs Rubber Sole | Comfort and Slip Resistance

Many times, when considering a good pair of shoes, we have a question that will a leather sole be best or rubber sole can be suitable for us? Both the leather and rubber sole have their own pros and cons. Depending upon the conditions and occasion one can be premium choice in certain lifestyle routine.


Below are the factors and features listed for each type of sole that can be helpful to decide which one is premium for you according to your needs. Leather sole have it’s unique features like the elegance and durability and rubber sole is also well known for comfortable non slip shoes.

Leather Sole


leather sole


The leather is considered as one the most durable material if it is manufactured in a right way. Leather sole can be made up of one layer to few layers of leather sheets. Durability of leather outsole is totally dependent on the number of layers on leather. If the sole of shoes is made of three leather layers (Triple leather sole), it will last for years and oppositely if sole is of one layer, it will be worn out in early days of life.

So, the more the leather layers, the more will be durability of sole. Look for the triple leather sole if you want your shoes to last longer.


The unique and leading feature of leather sole is their elegance and luxury look. Being shiny and expensive material leather boasts for it’s elegant look. That is the reason that for making high quality and luxury formal and dress shoes, leather is always preferred.

Causality and Formal Look

Leather sole is best for casual and formal shoes because of their elegant look. So, in formal occasions, at weddings, and working in office, leather soled shoes will be a great choice.


Rubber Sole

rubber sole


The rubber is very elastic material that can bear weight pressure easily providing a cushioning footbed to feet. Due to this cushioning and comfortability rubber soled shoes are known as most comfortable non slip shoes.

The cushioning environment distributes the pressure equally on the whole sole and reduce the chances of foot pain and plantar fasciitis like orthopedic issues. If you work on foot for long hours like security guards, restaurant workers, chefs and health care professionals, then rubber sole is premium choice for you to avoid foot fatigue at work.

 Slip Resistance

Rubber soled shoes have stronger grip on floors than leather ones. The tread on the rubber soled shoes reduces the contact surface of sole and floor that ultimately increases friction and make grip stronger. So, as mentioned above if you are  a worker who move or walks a lot, then slip resistant shoes are a must have to avoid slipping.

Non slip shoes are very helpful when walking and working to avoid slipping and all the credit goes to rubber soles.


The rubber soles are durable and can last thousands of miles if the rubber quality is good. Moreover, rubber is resistant to water but some solvents can dissolve it easily. In sum, with proper care rubber soles also can last longer.

Occasion | Look and Utility of Rubber sole

Rubber soled shoes, mostly sneakers have modern vulcanized and athletic look like sports shoes. They can be premium choice for Gym, walking, running, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities as well as for working for long hours.

Mostly new cowboy boots, sneakers and athletic footwear is made up of rubber soles.


Is rubber or leather sole better?

Rubber sole is better for sports, working for long hours, anti slipping shoes and outdoor activities and leather is best for having formal elegant look like dress shoes.

Is rubber sole waterproof?

Yes, rubber unlike leather soles can not absorb water and makes shoes waterproof. That is the reason that most of sports sneakers are made up of rubber.

 Is rubber sole slip resistant?

Rubber soles have strong grip on the floors. But if the soles are flat they will provide less resistance against slipping than rubber soles with non-slip tread.

Why are leather soles slippery?

Leather soles are flat without treads. The flat sole increase the contact area between floor and sole that decrease friction and ultimately the grip of shoes.

What are sole protectors?

Sole protectors are rubber or mostly vinyl rubber sheets that can be sticked to bottom of shoes to prevent them from wearing and tearing.

Can you wear leather soles in the rain?

Leather is natural material that can absorb water. So, wearing leather soled shoes in rain can ruin them in few days.

Are Cow boy boots made up of leather soles?

No. in past cowboy boots were made by leather soles but they were slippery and that’s why modern cowboy boots are made of rubber outsole for stronger traction.

What is a Dainite sole?

Dainite is a English footwear brand but the term dainite sole is usually referred to rubber soles of specific design.

Is PVC Sole better than Rubber?

PVC is a cheaper and light type of plastic that can last longer. PVC sole is usually used in rain boots that requires to be water resistant and lightweight.



Leather soles are best for formal dress shoes and the occasions like wedding and award ceremony. Rubber soles are best for running, walking, working and outdoor shoes, sneakers and boots.


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