6 Easy Steps To Clean Nike Air Max Sneakers

Nike Air Max sneakers are known to be world class comfortable shoes by the air cushioning they provide. These are not only stylish lifestyle sneakers but functionally they provide next level comfortability. This makes them best work shoes even they are not in the list of our best non slip sneakers.


No doubt, everyone wants to keep their Nike sneakers clean and fresh looking but having a dirt is inevitable when you wear them. Mostly dark colored shoes especially black sneakers look less dirty but white mesh sneakers are more prone to be dirty due to light color. Nike air max series can be cleaned no matter whether it is air max 270, air max 97 or 90.

When it comes to cleaning sneakers the most frequent question that people ask is about washing them in washing machine.

Can You Wash Nike Air Max in Washing Machine?

No. Nike does not recommend to clean shoes in washing machine because washing machine use a lot of water that can make your shoes loose. Moreover, the detergent and water in motion can take paint from shoes off easily.

So, to avoid loose in bonding, changing of shoe color and harm to delicate mesh fabric of Nike Air Max, you should not wash them in washing machine.

How to Clean Nike Air Max Sneakers?

Following is the complete simple procedure to clean your Nike Air Max sneakers.

  1. Scrapping larger Chunks (if present)

First of all scrape the mud and any coal or tar chunks with scraper or knife. Remove all the bigger chunks untill fine details, that can not be removed with scraper.

  1. Dry Brush


Use dry bristle brush for removing dust from shoes. On the outsole use hard bristle brush that can clean the tread easily. On the midsole and shoes upper use soft bristle brush to avoid any damage to air max fabric. This dry brushing will remove the dust particles from your nike air max sneakers.

  1. Prepare Cleaning Solution

  • Take a bowl of water
  • Add 3 to 4 liters of slightly warm water
  • Add the 3 to 4 drops of detergent
  • This solution will work best for cleaning nike air max sneakers.

Keep following things in mind when preparing cleaning solution

  • Adding a lot of detergent can damage the fabric
  • Using a hot water will loosen the fittings and will remove the paint
  1. Prepare Shoes for cleaning

Remove the laces (that will be cleaned separately). Add the shoe hook or paper stuff in the shoes to make the shoe upper stiff, otherwise it will collapse while rubbing. Dip laces in the cleaning solution and remove water by pressing them manually.

  1. Wash with Hands

Take a piece of cloth or brush. Soak the cloth in cleaning solution and rub gently on your dirty air max. Avoid more friction that will harm the upper material.

nike cleaning solution on sneakers

Rub for few times until you are satisfied with cleaned look. Now, use the microfiber towel to remove the excessive soapy foam and water. Be gentle and take your time while removing soap. Don’t be in hurry as that can enhance the damage risk.

Use a brush that is dipped in the cleaning solution to clean the outsole.

  1. Dry in Air

Now, dry your cleaned Nike air max indoor at room temperature. This can take from 3 hours to 8 hours. Never ever put shoes in direct sunlight because doing this can pale the color of your shoes

How To Clean Nike Air Max At Home?

How to Whiten the Nike Air Max Again?

If your shoes have changed its color to yellow or they are dirty then making them white again is simple. Just make cleaning solution as mentioned above. Then clean the dirty white air max with the help of piece of cloth dipped in solution. Wipe excessive soap and foam with microfiber towel.

If shoes have yellowish spots than just remove yellow stains form white shoes.

What Not To Do When Cleaning Nike Air Max Sneakers?

  • Don’t wash in washing Machine
  • Don’t use bleach and hard detergents
  • Don’t dry in direct Sunlight
  • Don’t rub hardly that can damage the shoe fabric
  • Never Use hot water otherwise it will loosen the fittings

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