5 Easy DIY Ways To Make Shoes Non Slip On Ice and Snow

Season change require a lot of changes in daily routine and dressing style. Whenever winter comes, right type of footwear becomes the most important need after clothing. Typical shoes with flat and smooth sole impose greater risk of falling when walking on ice.


Ice being smoother and slippery than sand provides very less friction to feet that ultimately increase chances of slipping. So, walking on ice with typical walking shoes can be risky. Non slip sneakers or boots can be on costly side than improvising and implementing some easy DIY ways to make shoes non slip on ice. So, making shoes non slip can be very easy and affordable process and can be done quickly.

How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant On Ice?

Following are the easiest DIY methods to make shoes non slip for ice or snow. Make your shoes slip resistant at home with these effective methods.

  1. Ice Cleats or Grippers

ice cleats snow grips

The easiest and most effective method is to put ice cleats or grips on your boots. These ice cleats are sole like rubber with spikes on bottom. These can fix to outsole of your shoes and strengthen the grip on ice or snow. Moreover, you can attach or detach them easily without any extra effort.

How to Use Ice Cleats on Shoes?

  • First of all, get an effective pair of ice grippers according to size of your shoes.
  • Put these ice cleats on shoes in a way that spikes will be on bottom.
  • You are ready to walk on ice without worrying about slipping.


  1. Screwing Small metal Screws on Bottom


For getting an extra traction in winter, you just have to spikes or larger tread on outsole of your shoes. If your current shoes haven’t anti slip sole design then make it yourself by just screwing small nails or nuts.

  • First of all, measure the thickness of sole of your shoes.
  • Then, get few meatal screws smaller than thickness of soles.
  • With the help of drill machine, screw few of them on sole.
  • Make sure, you have not screwed them randomly with variable space between two.
  1. Hot Glue


Hot glue is among one of most simple methods to make shoes anti slip at home.

First of all, prepare the glue gun and switch it ON for getting hot glue. Draw the tread design or lines on the sole of your shoes. Then, stick glue on those line drawings. Let the the glue dry and compact before walking.

Make sure that you have enough spaced the glue lines, otherwise less spacing will be easily filled with mud and make the sole smooth and slippery.

  1. Traction Spray

Using Traction spray is very easy and cheap method to avoid slipping. You just have to spray the soles of your shoes and boom, it will provide good slip resistance.

  • For using traction spray
  • Clean the soles of your shoes
  • Apply traction spray on soles.
  • Let the spray dry for at least 3 hours.
  • Shoes are ready to walk on ground covered with snow.
  1. Scuff the soles

This method is least effective among all mentioned above, but better than having smooth outsole of slippery shoes.

You just have to rub the soles against irregular surfaces like concrete or metal mesh. This will make the soles irregular and rough. Rough soles have comparatively stronger grip than flat soles.  This is not much effective but somewhat stronger grip.

  1. Grip Pads

These are the rubber made pads that can be glued on the bottom of shoes. These grip pads simply make the grip of shoes stronger as name suggests.

  • Clean the soles of your shoes
  • Remove the protective covering of grip pads
  • Stick grip pads on the outsole of your shoes.
  • Shoes are ready and non slip for ice.


What can I put on my shoes to walk on ice?

You can put on ice cleats on your shoes to walk on ice. Ice cleats also called crampons and ice grips have spikes on bottom and make shoes non slip.

What is the best footwear for icy conditions?

Any shoes that are slip resistant and warm are good for ice or snow. Mostly hiking and snow boots are very suitable for winter and snow that comes with both warm and anti slip features.

Are Doc Martens good for walking on ice?

Doc Martens are leather shoes that makes it waterproof but they do not provide slip resistance on ice. So, it’s better to put on non slip shoes for walking on ice.

Are timberland good for snow?

Yes, Timberland boots are waterproof and warm. They are good for snow if they provide good grip on snow that will avoid slipping.

Can you wear rubber shoes in snow?

Rubber shoes are waterproof, so they can be used in snow. Avoid slipping on ice while walking because if rubber sole is smooth, that will risk the slipping.

Can you wear sneakers on ice?

If you are having slip resistant sneakers that can be good option for ice walking.


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