8 Color Shoes To Wear With White Dress

Do you want to match them perfectly or go for a contrasting look? Fortunately, matching your shoes to your dress is actually easier than you think – as long as you know which colors go together. Color of shoes according to dress color is very important for style. Like we have already posted that what color shoes to wear with red dress, today we will take a look on shoes to pair with white dress.

what color shoes to wear with white dress

White dress is in fashion and many celebrities are seen wearing white dress in public spots. White color is sign of peace and elegance and indicates elegant style in fashion. But, the wrong shoes can destroy all the look. So, choosing right color shoes is the most important step in pairing. Many people ask that

What Color Shoes To Wear with White Dress?

There are few colors that will go great with your white dress. Below are the few best colors to wear with white dress.

Nude Shoes With White Dress:

Nude shoes are one of the best colors to wear with white dress. Nude color shoes make your look more elegant and sober as compare to other colors. It does not matter what is the skin tone, nude color shoes will go great with every skin tone.

Nude color makes matching pair with white and adds elegance to style. You can choose shoes type depending upon the style and event, for example nude color pointed pumps and heels can be perfect choice in wedding but in casual dressing sneakers can go well.

Silver Shoes With White Dress:

If you want to add some brightness in your look then silver color shoes are best for you. It will give different and trendy look to your outfit. You can wear silver shoes on any occasion either it’s a formal or informal event.

Silver is mettalic color and looks very good with white dress. You can choose from a variety of silver shoes like stilettos, pumps and flats.

Gold Shoes With White Dress

For special occasions like wedding functions and night parties, gold color shoes are best to pair with white dress. It will give you royal and luxurious look. Gold shoes can be of different types like sandals, high heels and pumps. Choose according to your style.

Gold is luxury color and it adds striking contrast with white suit. You can also choose different colors in gold like rose gold and yellow gold.

In Accessories, A gold clutch will complement the gold shoes and golden necklace can also be good choice for getting more luxury look.

Black Shoes With White Dress

For a bold look, you can choose black color shoes with your white dress. It will give you more confident and stylish look as compare to other colors. You can go for different types of black shoes like heels, flats, pumps and sneakers according to the event.

In Accessories, you can add a black belt, handbag or clutch to complete the look.

Red Shoes With White Dress 

If you want to give a romantic look, then red color shoes are perfect for you. You can wear red heels, flats or pumps with your white dress. For a night out look, you can add a red clutch or handbag.

In Accessories, you can also add a red lip color to get more attractive and romantic look.`

Brown Shoes With White Dress

Brown color shoes are best for a casual and rustic look. You can wear brown sandals, boots or flats with your white dress. For a more formal look, you can go for brown pumps or heels. In Summer you can pair brown sandals or strappy heels.

Burgundy Shoes With White Dress

For a fall or winter look, you can choose burgundy color shoes with your white dress. You can wear burgundy boots, pumps or heels with your outfit. In accessories, you can add a burgundy scarf or handbag to complete the look.

White Dress and Blue Shoes

For a fresh and cool look, you can choose blue color shoes with your white dress. The blue color shoes will make your look stand out and give you a unique touch. You can also add a belt to make your look more stylish. A blue handbag will enhance the look.

Final Thoughts

These are the few best colors that you can choose to wear with your white dress. You can also experiment with different colors and create your own style.`


What to pair with white dresses?

You can pair different types of shoes with a white dress, depending on the look you want to achieve. For a more elegant look, try nude-colored sandals in summer, or silver or gold heels for a wedding. For a more casual look, try brown boots in fall or winter, or blue pointed pumps for a fresh and cool look.

Is it okay to wear black shoes with a white dress?

Yes, black shoes can give you a bold look when paired with a white dress. Just be sure to choose the right type of shoe for the event you’re attending. For example, sneakers would be more appropriate for a casual event than stilettos.

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